picking up bad habits at daycare !!!

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picking up bad habits at daycare !!!
Fri, 12-04-2009 - 4:41pm
Anyone else dealing with this? My little angel is coming home with not so nice words he didn't learn at home and they let him suck on a pacifier that didn't even belong to him, they said that my son told them it was his and they believed a three year old.What angers me is my son didn't show up with a pacifier 4 months ago and has been off the paci since a year old, so how can they make a mistake like this? My son actually swallowed the plastic part of the paci during naptime in the daycare .I am so angry about this and feel they should not have been so careless.Any thoughts??
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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 9:14pm

is this a center? If so, I'd speak with the owner/manager immediately. If its a in-home daycare... not sure.

I definitely think if you are uncomfortable with anything - you should speak up right away.

Keep us updated! Sorry for your frustrations!

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 12:01am

As a mom of a non-paci kid, I can see why you're P!ssed. As a daycare worker...I can see why they think it's not a big deal.

I would be irritated too if they let my kid suck on someone else's Paci. (ew!) But it would probably send me over the edge if he ate it!

I would talk to the head of the daycare and let them know that you are upset. How long has he been going there? If he is fairly new-ish and they might not realize that he's been off it for 2 years, I'd give them a break. They probably have many paci's to keep track of and although they should know who has one and who doesn't...things happen.

But I would mention it. I would say something like, "Please don't hesitate to call me if you are unsure if something is his. Especially if it involves a health concern."

The daycare I sub at collects everyone's paci after nap time and puts them in cleaned out and labeled apple sauce cups that line a shelf. The don't let them wander around with them in their mouths after nap. They are ONLY for sleeping with. It cuts down on a lot of confusion.