playing music all night for toddler

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playing music all night for toddler
Sun, 11-25-2012 - 12:17am


I would love to hear what any of you mom know about how playing loud music all night coudl affect a baby's sleep patterns and ability to get a good sleep and long term effects on his lhelath.  This has been played for him since he was an infant and  he can't sleep without it but it concerns me that this is being played all night long, every night..  This is not calming, soothing, white noise or lullabies but the radio with lively upbeat music and talking or talk show kinds of talking.  To me it sounds pretty intense and loud. This can be heard in the room next door.  i do know that even a person in a coma can seems that this would be so disruptive to his going into deep sleep.   

The rationale for doing this is to train him to sleep through all the household noises and to have that noise for company when he wakes up all night.  I have raised five kids who could cleep through anything but i never pursposely made noise next to his bed all night long.

I'd appreciate any ideas you mom's have and especially any pediatricians.  Thanks

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 1:49pm doesn't seem like a great idea. I was about to respond and say "Well, we do this" BUT the big difference is that it's a lullaby CD that we put on repeat for the whole night. We do turn it up a bit to help drown out other noises and I can hear it from another room but I wouldn't say it's exceptionally loud. 

I'd be interested to know too whether the type of music matters (soft calming lullabies vs lively radio music). You would think for sure that it woulld at least harm their ears if it was really loud, you know?


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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 2:09pm

I don't know about playing LOUD music, but we do play music for my son each night (he is 3).  When he was an infant it was a lullabye CD played on repeat and one of our main reasons was to drown out some of the household noise as well.  However, we never played it loudly and you really couldn't hear it outside of his room.  Now he asks for the radio, and is currently listening to the Christmas station, but again, it isn't very loud.  I think the radio is his "white noise" if that makes sense. 

Is this your child or a child you know?  I think my main concern would be the volume at which the music is being played.  If it is loud and disruptive, it seems as if the purpose is defeated!