sleep time frustration

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sleep time frustration
Wed, 11-04-2009 - 3:04pm
my son is 33 months old and we are FIGHTING to keep him in bed!
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Wed, 11-04-2009 - 5:01pm
honestly, since Logan moved to a regular bed, we've always gated his door. We encourage him to stay in his bed, but have found him asleep on the floor many times. The last couple months, however, he's started sleeping in his bed pretty much every night :) I've gated his door because his room is literally 6 inches from a set of stairs... but its been multipurpose :)

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Thu, 11-05-2009 - 10:02am

First off...congrats on the new little one! I'm having a repeat c-section Dec 28th...8 weeks to go too!

We've never had trouble keeping Mara (she'll be 3 the 22nd)

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Mon, 11-16-2009 - 6:42pm
My daughter did the same thing about 2 1/2. We don't use a gate but we use one of those safety doorknob covers so she can't let herself out. Her room is also a few feet from the top of the stairs. This gives us peace of mind that she's not roaming the house in the middle of the night and she sleeps a lot better now that she knows that she can't leave her room without Mommy and Daddy.
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Mon, 11-16-2009 - 10:04pm

We had very similar problems with our Son. It got so out of control, that we would be up for hours each night just trying to get him to stay in bed. We went and saw a behavorist, because I couldn't take it anymore.

Her advice was to have a bedtime routine (ie, bath, book, lights out, kisses, bed) which we already did, stick to the same time each night, which we already did and make it clear it is not a neogatition. She said do the routine, say goodnight and he is to stay in bed, and expect him to do it. Then each time he gets out, pick him up and put him back into bed. Which we started doing, this led to tanturms....after about 5 or 6 VERY LONG nights, no more problems.

Sounds very Super Nanny, I know, but it did work.

Good luck!!!