Son, socks and shoes

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Son, socks and shoes
Tue, 09-18-2012 - 10:33pm

My 2 1/4 year old son has an aversion to anything on his feet.  Last winter, he would only wear 1 certain pair of shoes.  Since about May, he has either worn a certain pair of sandals or nothing.  

We live in the Northeast and he HAS to start wearing covered toe shoes very soon.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to get him to keep anything on.  He refuses by screaming and thrashing to wear socks to bed or socks & shoes outdoors.  For instance, since it's cold at night, we've been putting socks on his feet.  He will cry and struggle to take the socks off and the tears will only stop when his feet are bare again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to entice him to wear shoes?  I'm not even asking him to try 2 different pairs of shoes, just 1 pair.

I never in a million years would have thought that a kid would act like this over shoes!  Thanks for any suggestions!


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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 9:36am
Have you tried taking him to the store and letting him pick out his own? That's the only thing I can think of short of plain bribery of some sort. If he picks them out he's more invested in wearing them. Does he have issues with the texture and feeling of them?
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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 9:47am

I agree.  Taking him to the store & letting him pick out his own shoes might work.  

At night time, you could buy him footsie pajamas.  That way he'd have to take the whole suit off (which of course he might...) to get his feet bare.  It's worth a shot, plus those are cute!  


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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 3:20pm
I like Tracy's advice- have him pick out a pair he loves and maybe that will help! Also, do you think the situation will solve itself once it gets really cold out and it is uncomfortable for him to go without shoes?