Tantrums and fits at home-especially with mommy but never with sitter. (angel with sitter)

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Tantrums and fits at home-especially with mommy but never with sitter. (angel with sitter)
Fri, 01-07-2011 - 12:23pm

I babysit an almost

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I have a milder version of this with my son. He has just turned 2 and is an absolute angel with the nanny but whenever I am around he asks for things he knows the nanny won't give him (like the vacuum cleaner) and has a tantrum when I say no. I am softer than she is as I have the 'guilt factor' of being a full time working mum. He doesn't squirm when I pick him up but I have received a slap or two which I have let him know is not tolerated. Mostly I can see that it is attention seeking behaviour and I managed to curb this a little by giving

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We went through this with my 3 year old, but when he was 2ish. I just became a sahm, but before I worked full time and he went to a sitter's house where she was home with her kids. He was a hitter, he would slap me and dad whenever he got frustrated or got a NO. We would consistantly put him in a timeout whenever he hit, with a firm "no hitting". He would have to give a hug and say sorry before he got up. The timeouts were short, really just long enough for him to sit calmly (sometimes it lasted long, but these were times when he got really out of control).
I think it is all testing. He wants to see what he can get away with. he never did any of this at the sitters. I was worried that he was hitting the kids, but he never did - he really reserved that for us. For one thing he is most comfortable with mom & dad (as he should be). so that is the safest place to test limits.
Consistant response letting him know that it is not ok is the best way to go. I've been known to give him timeouts at nursery school when he slapped me. I just find a nice corner and he sits there until he can calm down.