Terrible Twos - WOW I sure haven't missed this!

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Terrible Twos - WOW I sure haven't missed this!
Fri, 08-16-2013 - 2:39pm

Hi - anyone have any good suggestions on how to curb the throwing things that they shouldn't have thing? LOL

My 2yo will throw things if she shouldn't have them and I'm trying to get it from her. It's not always a bad thing, but sometimes she does pick up something that shouldn't be dropped/thrown (like a picture frame).  

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Hi Erin,

Landon went through a phase like this- it can be frustrating for sure! Good news is that it ends eventually. Staying sane in the meantime, well that's another story. ;)

A few things we did that seemed to help a bit were:

- talking about what is okay to throw (balls, frisbee, etc) and isn't okay to throw (dishes, picture frames, books, etc). 

- follow through with consequences if they throw things they aren't supposed to.  This is where I struggle- with the follow through!  If something is thrown that shouldn't be, take the item away for a period of time.  If it is a household item, perhaps put it out of reach and talk about why it shouldn't be thrown (that would hurt if it hit me, the frame would break and we couldn't use it, etc).  

- Landon is SUPER independent and stubborn.  Sometimes I have to *trick* him into thinking he's doing something.  In other words, instead of saying "give mommy that picture frame", which would then lead to him throwing and running, I'd have more success saying "oh, I see you have my frame.  Would you help me put it back where it belongs?".  No clue why that works better, but he sees it as something he's doing and he's still in control of so it helps. 

Hopefully the other ladies here will have some more great tips to share with you!  Good luck and I hope this phase passes quickly!