toddler twins in big beds

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toddler twins in big beds
Wed, 07-21-2010 - 10:49pm

My twins turned 2 just last week. We moved them to big kid beds because we wanted to transition them before their baby sister arrives. They've always shared a room, and we have always been glad, they've done very well together in the same room. We had a great bedtime routine when they were in cribs and bedtime was a breeze.

Now that they are in big kid beds, we are struggling with naps and bedtime. They keep each other awake in a way they never have before. We are in and out of their room countless times, trying to teach them that they have to be in bed and not bother each other. Often when one finally decides they want to sleep, the other won't stay out of their bed. The only way they have both finally drifted off is if my husband or myself is sitting in the room, physically keeping them apart. (If they would crawl into bed with each other and both fall asleep it would be fine! But neither can sleep with the other in bed with them.)

We had felt we were doing ok with their sleep training, but now we are afraid we are making them dependent on us being in the room for them to fall asleep. We are only a week into this, but we want to start out right!

Any other parents of twins out there who have advice about how to make this work? OR any who have successfully made it through this phase that can offer some encouragement??

Thanks in advance!

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Wed, 07-21-2010 - 11:08pm

I think what prevented this issue with my twins was that they were in a room with their baby brother (who was 18 months at the time). I'd tell them "you have to pretend to go to sleep so Boyd will go to sleep.." Lol, they'd lay there with their eyes all scrunched up and then fall asleep on their own.

When we separated the kids (Boyd in his own room), I had one who wanted to sleep with the other. They shared a bed (a twin sized) for about a week and then they separated out...

I don't have any advice except to keep trying..don't give up...Do they have a special lovey or something that you can tell them that they can snuggle with in their own bed???


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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 1:17am

went through the EXACT same things with our twins: new baby arrived when they were 17 1/2 mos (and we needed the crib), so they got put into toddler beds and everything went downhill. We very quickly moved our girl out of the room and into a room with her older sister. Worked like a charm!!! If you have the space, I would try that for sure. Wished I had done it sooner (ours were slightly troubled sleepers)