Trick or Treat: How Young Is Too Young?

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Trick or Treat: How Young Is Too Young?
Thu, 10-24-2013 - 11:07am

The night of wicked witches, goblins, and wizards has arrived. It's only five o'clock, but your 8-year-old is eager to get first dibs on the neighborhood Halloween candy stash. He's on the porch, commanding you to "Hurry up!" in his deepest monster voice. You turn to your 2-year-old, stick on her fairy wings and dash out the door.

This may be a common scene -- and a necessary one when you have more than one child -- but how young is too young to trick-or-treat? 

Is Your Child Too Young to Trick-or-Treat? Here's How to Know -- and How to Prepare!

How young do you think is too young?  Will you be bringing your 2/3 yr old trick or treating this Halloween?

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