What can they do for themselves?

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What can they do for themselves?
Mon, 10-24-2011 - 5:26pm

What can a three year-old do for herself? I'm trying to lighten my workload of taking care of her.

For now, she can potty herself, but she can't wipe herself well, so by the end of the day, she's pretty stinky down there.

It takes her a long time, but she can put on her underwear and pants, as well as take them off.

She can get her toothbrush, toothpaste, and cup with water.

She can put clothes in the laundry basket.

I don't have her pick up her dishes and cup and bring to the sink b/c she sits in a tall chair at the regular table, not a shorter kiddie table, and she ends up spilling her food and drink when she tries to get her dishes down from the table. We use regular glasses, not spillproof cups, b/c we avoid plastic.

When we arrive from outside, she can take off her shoes, hang up her coat, and put away her hat and gloves. She can't put on her shoes and coat yet b/c I don't have easy-on shoes, and she doesn't have the coordination yet for putting on the coat.

What other tasks can I delegate to her? :)

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Tue, 10-25-2011 - 7:57am

Does she clean up her toys and bedroom?

How about making her bed (or really, just pull her covers up)?

Here's an age-by-age list of what chores that kids should be able to do and when. Maybe it'll give a few more ideas?