What to feed my almost 2yr old

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What to feed my almost 2yr old
Thu, 06-27-2013 - 8:46pm

I often struggle with what are the best things to feed my son, hes 21 months old and I really dont know what kind of meals are best to give him and at what times please help

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 11:10am

I agree with the other poster, giving your child the same things you are eating is overall best.  You want to give them well rounded choices to get in all their vitamins and minerals.  Remember that they may eat smaller meals because their stomachs are still smaller, you may need to let them eat a little more often, or still give them things that contain a bit higher fat/fiber content to keep them fuller longer.  Are you finding that your child is a picky eater, or eats slowly, or what exactly are you having problems with when it comes to meals?

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 10:56am

Hi there,

First, welcome to the board!  We are so happy to see you here.

Second, I can understand your concern.  It can be difficult finding things that your little one likes to eat and will eat on a regular basis.  For me, the best thing to feed my kiddos was the same thing we were eating.  I am not fond of making different foods for different people in the house so we've always fed our boys the same thing we were eating.  I would just make sure to cut up their meal into smaller bite-sized pieces, and it was fine!  It exposes them to new foods and we never had an issue.  

I hope that helps a bit!  Good luck and let us know how things are going.