What toys keep your 2 year old busy

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What toys keep your 2 year old busy
Sun, 04-02-2006 - 7:18pm


I think we have the backyard covered.

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Sun, 04-02-2006 - 9:08pm

Anything he's not allowed to touch, lol! Seriously, he loves to draw (a crayon and a piece of paper can keep him occupied for a long time), he likes puzzle-type things (things he can take apart and put back together) and anything he can sit on and ride.

Good luck!


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Sun, 04-02-2006 - 11:15pm

he's really really really into playing with his train table and thomas trains. h'ed play with those all day long if i let him. he likes to color and draw. and he lvoes to ride things he's allowed to right his tough trike inside but his tricycle has to stay outside *it hurts when it runs into you much more then the tough trike lOL*

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Sun, 04-02-2006 - 11:31pm


I had some of the toddler type scissors. Never thought of letting her use them.

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Mon, 04-03-2006 - 4:26pm
If you have an attached garage or even a covered patio or porch they can do painting and other messy stuff there.

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Tue, 04-04-2006 - 2:15am

Both of my kids like to color, and DD loves to make pictures with those foam stickers from Michael's.


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