1st cycle TTC#2

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1st cycle TTC#2
Fri, 12-29-2006 - 7:17pm


My husband and I are TTC #2. We have a dd who is 2 years old. I just had my DIUI yesterday. I'm excited, but nervous. I did clomid starting in cycle day 3 through cycle day 7 and I did my HCG trigger shot this past Tuesday night.

I don't remember having a lot of cramping and bloating from the HCG, but that is how I have been feeling today and yesterday. Did anyone else experience that????

Well, last time it took us 5 cycles, but I'm hoping that it will go quicker this time. Our donor only has four vials left and we'd really like to have the same donor.

I'll keep you posted. Good luck to everyone!!!


cycle #1

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Fri, 12-29-2006 - 10:51pm
GL, hoping to hear good news from you in 2wks!
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Sun, 12-31-2006 - 9:15pm
Good luck!!!