9 wk ultrasound today, released to regular OBGYN

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9 wk ultrasound today, released to regular OBGYN
Mon, 04-25-2011 - 8:56pm

I was so excited to call my regular doctor and tell him the news, but apparently, their policy with a new pregnancy is that you meet first with a nurse for an interview and have some blood work done. I'm so annoyed. She's supposed to go over information about early pregnancy and do a preg test. I think I'm a little PAST THAT! UGH. I will snow her with big words and she'll let me talk to the dr anyway. I even explained to the receptionist that I was 45 and 9 wks along with twins as a result of the invitro clinic where my original dr had sent me. Geez. I am supposed to ask about which meds he wants me to continue, and the nurse will just have to go ask him anyway. Ugh. Annoying. She'll probably ask me when my last period was and I have no idea becuase I've been on luprin since early Feb, I think.

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Congrats on gettin released to your OB! I still have to find one myself :)


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Tue, 04-26-2011 - 10:34am
Yay for being released!

You can always calculate your "LMP" by counting back 2 weeks from the ER date. So for instance, my ER (well, thaw) date was 9/15, so effectively my "LMP" was 9/1. That should keep you in line :)

Are you planning to do testing like the nuchal translucency test? Make sure they know you want to do it (if you do) so that you get scheduled in time.



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Tue, 04-26-2011 - 10:40am

Congrats on being released to your OB.

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My RE forwarded the paperwork so the OB did know I did DE and calculated the due date based on the 6 wk ultrasound and what Spencer had said. They drew 7 vials of blood and retested me for everything because the RE didn't send over the labwork!

I missed the CVS/nuchal testing because the doc didn't bring it up. Then a month later at my next appt., it was too late so now I am just getting the quad screening done next week.

So happy for you,

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I know those appts stink. I told the OB about using DE and still bot asked dumb questions. Made me leave and change practices. But I know eerything will be ok for yo! :-)

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