Another Fert Report

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Another Fert Report
Fri, 07-31-2009 - 3:25pm

Good news from me!

My 'share' of the cycle ended up being 24 eggs.

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 3:49pm


I have been waiting for this news all day...CONGRATS!!! Much P P & T for you!

Best wishes,


From Womack DSW

IVF 1# ICSI & AH-BFN 04/08.

After too many failed natural cycles to mention, discover that previously clear tubes have become blocked after surgery to remove fibroids (however, no more fibroids). Decent FSH for 40 year old

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 4:34pm
That's great Jen I was looking for your report.

Mom to Sebastian Robert after 3+ years of infertility

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 4:56pm
Congrats! Photobucket

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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 5:05pm
Woohoo!!! That's AWESOME!! Can't wait to hear about your BFP!



Mason James was born 8/21/10, 8lbs 12 oz after close to 3 years of infertility.
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Fri, 07-31-2009 - 5:27pm

Wow, that sounds great!

Your share was 24?


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Mon, 08-03-2009 - 9:46am
Wonderful news!

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