Anyone here using donor embryos? We ....

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Anyone here using donor embryos? We ....
Fri, 04-20-2007 - 9:30pm

We are starting our 1st cycle in July (we chose July cuz I really needed to lose about 20 lbs - I've got about 14 to go). We were matched with the most special donors in the world (open donation) - hey even came to visit from TX to VA to meet us and "confirm" their decision. The visit couldn't have gone better. We're excited, not to mention I'm a a little scared.

We've been ttc/failed adoption for 17+ yrs and I was never scare before any other procedures (IVF, adoptions, etc). Maybe I'm a little older (40) and it's really kicking in how serious this is and will I have a healrhy pregnancy (with preexisting hypertension), can I be a good mom at 40 - and too tired to run around and wrestle on the floor.....the worries go on and on.

Anyone else here going thru this? We have 11 healthy embies (34 yrs old), and we KNOW God will bless us with our family through this, at the very least 1. We would like to have twins (not so sure my blood pressure will like it) but it would be nice. If there's any remaining embies, all 4 of us (donor parents and dh and I) will choose the next couple to receive this special gift. Wow - 3 families built from one. Incredible.

I'd love to hear from anyone going thru the same.....


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Sun, 04-22-2007 - 2:48pm
I just want to wish you good luck.