anyone know about surragacy?

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anyone know about surragacy?
Sat, 03-31-2007 - 10:10am

My Sisterinlaw can't have kids due to ovarian cancer when she was younger she had to have a hysterectomy. She and her husband have been trying to get a surrogate mother to carry their baby (or babies). They have an egg donor but it seems every surrogate they find lies on their paperwork. They kep spending all this money to get the surrogates checked out and only to find out something basic disqualifies them from carrying. I don't get it, if these women would give accurate info about basic things like weight and how many times they have carried babies or lost babies before then my inlaws would have saved themselves a lot of money and hope flying these women up to see doctors who then find out the truth. If they take to long to find a passable surrogate then they might lose their donor I think they were'nt freezing them but wanted to do the whole proceess at the same time. Does anyone know anything about this type of procedure or any reliable sources about finding surrogate moms?


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Wed, 04-11-2007 - 4:26pm

The baby I nanny for was conceived with donor eggs and carried by a surrogate. He has two fathers and they used a CA-based agency that specializes in same-sex couples. So that's not much help to your sister. But they are currently working on baby #2, who will be conceived with leftover frozen embryos from the first egg donor and carried by a new gestational surrogate. They were not impressed with the agency they used (though they loved the surrogate) and are doing it on their own with a lawywer who specializes in reproductive law (adoption, surrogacies, etc). They are really happy with their lawyer and have been matched with a new surrogate who is wonderful. If your sister is having trouble, they may want to find a lawyer or agency so that they know the surrogate has been pre-screened.

If they don't want to use an agency or lawyer for the match, I know a website/message board where they can find potential matches. It is free, so of course they are not prescreened. But it's a good resource if they are willing/able to do the leg work. If you are interested, email me through my profile and I will send you the link.

Whether they do it on their own or with an agency, I would HIGHLY recommend that they find an experienced surrogate. Experienced surrogates are a boon for two reasons. 1) They have proven fertility. Not just with natural conception but with IUI or IVF. You know that she is physically capable of conceiving and carrying a child. 2) She's been through the surrogacy process already, so she understands and embraces the process. It can be a complicated, tricky process so it's nice to know for sure that your surrogate is 100% aware of what she has committed to.

Good luck!

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