Anyone know of a cheap place to get progesterone suppositories?

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Anyone know of a cheap place to get progesterone suppositories?
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 9:35pm
I just found out today that my insurance will NOT cover my progesterone suppositories. My pharmacy ( and actually the cheapest I have found) is $180 for a month's supply. I would really like to try and find it somewhere cheaper if at all possible. That gets expensive really fast when I will have to be on them for about 4 months!! I am appealing the coverage with insurance, but that takes time and I want to get some before July 1st as I have to start them the 5th as long as all go well. I was hoping that maybe one of you ladies had used an online pharmacy during your travels that might be a little cheaper? Thank you for any insight or help!!
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The first time I used P supps, they were compounded and I had to submit the receipt to get reimbursed. When I went to fill the rx when ttc #2, the ins no longer covered the compounded supps. I got crinone gel instead. Maybe that's an option. For my de cycle I had to do PIO injections till like 10 weeks, then these capsules for a couple weeks. I'd ask for an alternative which might be covered.


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I, like Spencer, took PIO shots for the first 10 weeks, then took Prometrium (progesterone suppositories) for the next 3 weeks. I got the Prometrium filled by a local pharmacy and it cost me around $40 for 60 suppositories.

Are you taking Prometrium or something compounded?? That may be the difference in the cost..

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