Is anyone using donor offspring/sibling registries?

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Is anyone using donor offspring/sibling registries?
Fri, 04-08-2011 - 1:27pm

Last month I remembered my

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I haven'tbut often wondered about other offspring. I still haven't disclosed and not really sure how to do it. I have read the books but still haven't figured out how. any advise?
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Very good question. I didn't know about registries but glad they exist. I know our donor was a first timer but is off and running to do it again. Imagine the horror if our child meets up with a half sibling and falls in love like a bad soap opera then they find out they are related!? EEEP.

I do plan to tell my twins about the donor eggs at some point, in an age appropriate manner on a need basis....I will stock up on the books too, just in case, to have them on hand. I don't want them to find out accidentally or be shocked and angry with me someday because I lied.

For example, my first husband died by suicide. My children were 4 and 6. I have heard terrible stories of kids who were lied to about a parent's death and quite angry later. My kids were always aware of how he died in a TOTALLY age appropriate manner. I mean, at first, I just said that daddy was sick with a disease called depression that affects your mind and makes you hurt yourself, a disease as deadly as cancer or a heart attack. As they got older, I added more to the story as they asked. Maybe that is too much info there :) Sorry

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We haven't decided about a registry yet. Our plan is to disclose to our son as he is able to understand, although I do tell him his story already. We haven't told the whole family because we want him to understand before we share with everyone else so he can own his story.

DH never met his father, his mom was pregnant at 17. He does have some curiosity but more because no one ever talked about his father, like DH sprouted whole from the earth. Now that he's an adult, DH doesn't really care.

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Haven't really given much thought to the registry thing. However, we do plan on telling our child early on (age 5-6) age appropriately his/her story. For us, it is important for the child to know before anyone else does because it is his/her story to share.

Sorry, I wasn't much help, but I am in the beginning of this whole process.
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