British mom gives birth after 25 years

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British mom gives birth after 25 years
Wed, 01-20-2010 - 12:41pm

I was just reading an article about a British couple

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Wed, 01-20-2010 - 1:05pm
Thanks for posting Melissa!


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Wed, 01-20-2010 - 4:18pm

Does there come a point when a couple should give up on trying to conceive?

Yes, but it's (1) going to differ from couple to couple and (2) up to each couple to determine where that point lies.

For another couple, their TTC journey might stop before IVF.


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Fri, 01-22-2010 - 9:59am

Hi Melissa,

I ran across that article somewhere recently too! It is very interesting, I was glad they were talking about using DE/DS.