DI moms update....

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DI moms update....
Wed, 04-25-2007 - 7:14pm
If you are a DI mom post here.



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Wed, 04-25-2007 - 7:28pm
My son was born 7 years ago.


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Thu, 04-26-2007 - 6:52pm

Mitchell turned 4 last week.

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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 8:34pm

Hi my name is Kathleen, Mom to Danny who is 6 1/2 yrs old now

We ttc'd for 10+ yrs and did 11 dIUI's before finally becoming pg on #10/11
We did 3 opk cycles, then the tube scope thingie, 3 more opks, 2 with 50mgs clomid, 1 with 100mg clomid and hcg trigger...last cycle worked 100mgs clomid, hcg trigger, b2b iui and baby aspirin and new donor.

I actually got pg on my sister's birthday...which is cool

After Danny was born I made a huge realization that while I struggled to GET pregnant, I never associated being pregnant with being a parent. I had PPD pretty bad and in truth, a horrible colicky baby that I had no idea what to do with.

I luckily found Positive Parenting and now I teach a course on how to raise children without punishments, especially corporal punishments. I am also on a committee to help make it illegal in the US to spank/hit a child, to make all crimes against children eligble for the death penalty and in my spare time at work I am helping to draft new legistation for port security.

We are going to do Foster Care next year, most likely only on an emergency basis, where they only need a safe place to sleep overnight. I am not ready to fall in love with someone and then have to give them back OR fight to keep them.

We have four cats - Oscar, 18...Daisy, 4, Lily, 2 (Daisy's daughter) and Rosie, 8 months (Lily's daughhter and Daisy's grand daughter).

I posted earlier that we are also going to foster two Alaskan Malamutes starting on Thursday! We may or may not keep them forever, but at least it will get them out of the kennel.

Our big summer project, we live on an acre of fully fenced land North of Seattle and Danny and I are attempting to grow a "fair worthy" pumpkin - over 600lbs! I do not have a green thumb, so we shall see.

Other than that, I still regret only have one child but I think I am adjusted to it now.

Danny is a great great kid...he's in full day kindergarten and doing great! He's smart, funny, compassionate, sassy, smart alecy, caring and goofy...everything you want a kid to be!

Now...where's Jenna? Elaine? (I sent her an email...I hope she got it!)

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Wed, 05-02-2007 - 12:13pm

my DI baby is 4 years old. She is my third child, the first two were conceived pre-vasectomy.
I conceived her during my second cycle doing unmedicted home-ICI, one vial per cycle.
After the first try my super-regular cycle started to change/ become less predictable (I'm sure due to the TTC stress and my obsessive fertility-sign-watching), I was thinking about using an OPK but decided against it.
I feel my family is complete and my hands are full with my three girls.
We diclosed to the older kids about DI when #3 was 2years old and they were 10 and 7.
They had a lot of questions and still sometimes ask related questions but they couldn't love her anymore if she was their "full"sister (as opposed to half sister).
We will (start to) disclose when she understands more about conception and "where the babies come from" or when the right situation comes up.
During my pg I was worried how DH would bond with the new baby even though he said he was going to treat her like the other two kids. I needn't have worried because DH and #3 are really close and he loves her dearly.

Good luck to all of you TTCing, I hope you'll soon have you own miracle to love and enjoy!

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Wed, 05-02-2007 - 9:33pm

Hi, Dana here, DI mom to Zach.

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Mon, 05-07-2007 - 3:28pm
My name is Lindsay and my DD was conceived via DI and born Feb 25/06. We did two cycles no meds just ultrasounds to predict ovulation and the third cycle (which we conceived) was 50mg of clomid, ultrasounds and trigger shot. I was worried too about DH and how he would bond with Karsyn but there are no worries now cause they are best of buds.
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Sat, 05-12-2007 - 11:19am
Checking in!!! My darling, beautiful, precious princess, conceived through DI, is now 9 months old and absolutely perfect! Looking back, although difficult at times, the experience was so worht it! I am waiting patiently to try again, we have 6 vials on reserve, but we are waiting till next spring to begin again. I wish all you guys the best in your current and future endeavors! -Jen
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Sun, 05-13-2007 - 12:08am

Hi all!



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Sun, 05-13-2007 - 12:35pm


Sophie is beautiful!


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Fri, 06-22-2007 - 7:07pm
My name is Paula and I ttc for 7 years. I did many many IUI's with donor sperm. I had given myself a deadline and the last attempt before that deadline I amazingly got pregnant. I have a beautiful 9 yr old daughter. I am about to start an IVF cycle to try again. This is by no means the start of the journey for the new baby. I've been trying for this baby for 7 years as well. I'm starting to see a pattern here! :)