Disclosure has begun :)

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Disclosure has begun :)
Sat, 01-13-2007 - 8:51pm

It was always a matter of when rather than if we would start to talk about DI with Mitchell. And we did figure that this year would probably be it and I was planning (still am really) on getting some books for him this year. However, the other day, unexpectedly, I did talk about it with him for the first time.

I am a big believer in honesty (not to mention that I am a *terrible* liar if I do try!!) so any question Mitchell asks gets answered (at his level) honestly.

So we were at the pool the other day, and the Mum of one of his friends is pregnant, so we were talking about how she had a baby in her tummy. So then he asked me how could I get a baby in my tummy, and I told him that it didn't work for us like it did for most people. In his normal inquisitive way, he asked lots of questions and I just kept answering. At first I started talking about a seed from a Daddy, but that confused him, so in the end I just said straight out that they are called sperm and they look like little tadpoles, and that Daddies have them and Mummies have eggs and that you need to put them together inside a Mummy to grow a baby. Then I just said that his Daddy didn't have the sperm, so we went to a doctor and the doctor got some from another man...

His response was just so adorable, I was almost in tears. He said, "Mummy, me like doctors, they fix people who are sick AND they help people get babies, that's good, isn't it?" So I said yes and immediately he started talking about something else, as a nearly 4 yo does.

So I don't know what if any of that he will remember, but the seed is planted and next time it comes up in conversation, we'll be just as open and honest and hopefully he will just grow up knowing it but also knowing it's really not a big deal... It's funny because I already feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders even though I know it's only the beginning.

Oh, btw, DH wasn't there at the time, but he was happy with how it went to as I told him when I got home. He's a little concerned about his parents finding out as they don't know and if Mitchell chooses to tell them later, or wants us to, then they will know and may not be understanding, but at the end of the day, he also feels that not telling Mitchell is not an option.

Anyway, that's our story (for now), maybe it will help someone else, maybe it won't, but there it is :)



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