donating eggs?

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donating eggs?
Mon, 10-22-2007 - 7:59pm

ok, so i have been REEAALLY interested in becoming an egg donor, i tried 1 site and got rejected. n im not sure why. i mean im healthy. my family is healthy i have good educational standings! the only thing i can think of is that im a little heave. i mean im not massive or anything! i could stand to lose 20 lbs though. is that an issue? cuz other than that everything is great. im attractive i have good features, i have a kid of my own already who is amazing. shes gorgeous and really smart! shes been walking since 10 mos. shes 16 mos and already running around the park climbing up ladders n sliding down slides all alone its crazy! i dunno what do you guys think? cuz i really wanna do this!

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Mon, 10-22-2007 - 8:25pm

Not sure if this is the reason or is the clinic has this requirement, but the shared risk program that I am in requires that the me and the DE meet the height/weight requirements....I forget what the % is, but for example I am 5'10 and I had to be under 260 lbs....but each place has different standards, so who knows

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Tue, 10-23-2007 - 9:57am

For the shared risk program I looked at, they only require that your BMI be under 40. Which means you can't be obese, but overweight is fine. Actually, most Americans are overweight anyway. So if they wouldn't cycle overweight women, then they wouldn't have many patients or egg donors to choose from.