Egg donation and mental illness

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Egg donation and mental illness
Fri, 02-02-2007 - 11:36am
I am looking into becoming an egg donor, but I have a mental illness called Borderline personality disorder. It is unknown if this disease is hereditary, but it may be. A lot of it has to do with one’s environment when growing up. It's NOTHING like schizophrenia. Basically I have unstable moods, stormy relationships and am depressed from time to time. I am taking medication to stabilize everything. I would love to help someone who has been struggling to conceive and assume, that since in vitro costs so much, they will give the child a wonderful and loving environment. And, with that being the case, the disorder may never occur. What would you do?
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Fri, 02-02-2007 - 3:51pm

First, it's a great thing that you want to help another couple(s) have a family.

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Sun, 02-04-2007 - 12:40am

well, where i appreciate both your desire to help and your honesty about your mental health problems, you should be sure to disclose ALL of your medical records to a donor program so they can have the full picture...

also, keep in mind that the hormones injected into women while trying to stimulate the ovaries can be extremely hard on someone with a perfectly healthy mental is very common to experience depression and just unstable emotional states, not just while on the meds but for months afterwards..

just be sure that you are aware of everything you may be getting yourself into...

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Wed, 02-07-2007 - 5:31pm

I was an egg donor twice and I agree that you should definitely be completely honest about your medical history. While I don't have a mental illness, I am a lesbian and I was very careful to make sure that that was clear when I donated -- and hey, two different couples chose me, and I know that neither was a gay couple.

On a different side of things, my wife and I recently chose a sperm donor and weren't as concerned with medical history as we were that the donor had similar characteristics to my wife's (we're using my eggs). What I mean to say is that since egg donation only goes forward once a recipient has chosen you, it may take a little longer to find a recipient, but once you do, they'll have chosen you for their own reasons and won't be concerned about the possible mental illness, especially if there is little evidence that it is genetic/hereditary.

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