egg donor - anonymous?will know if pg

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egg donor - anonymous?will know if pg
Thu, 09-14-2006 - 11:43am

One of the agencies for an egg donor that I am interviewing is insisting that I write the donor a letter (I dont have to sign it) and will tell the donor if my cycle turns into a BFP. I dont mind writing a letter. However, when I asked why they tell the donor the outcome of the cycle they say it is for future information.....when I questioned further on that they couldnt give me an answer. they alluded to possibility that they could have a son , I could have a daughter and then the 2 might hook up. The medical association has addressed this issue as a non concern given statistics. But even if it did happen, how would she know if it is anonymous.

anyone else deal with this type of agency or, other agency issues?


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Thu, 09-28-2006 - 2:52pm

As a 2 x donor, I can answer your question. There are two reasons: first, we want to know b/c we are vested in the process and want to know the outcome. I am part of the process and feel that I have a right to know if my hard work paid off; second, b/c a donor is more attractive if prior donations ended in a pregnancy and they need to know in order to share that information. The donor may not donate at that clinic only.

I, personally, don't understand the letter requirement. That is more personal than a +/- outcome.