Embryo Donation question?

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Embryo Donation question?
Thu, 01-11-2007 - 9:57am

Hi ladies.

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IVF with ICSI #1 failed, Cycle #2

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Fri, 01-12-2007 - 9:11pm


Welcome to our board.


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Mon, 01-15-2007 - 4:03pm

that's a wonderful story!

maybe someday, I can also tell my child, but I just don't know right now.

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Mon, 01-15-2007 - 10:35pm


I have researched a place called Snowflake Adoptions that does just that, adoption of embryos. You can google them and get some information.

Just adding my 2 cents here, if it were me I would wait to donate any embryos until I knew I had a baby in my arms. Too many times things can happen and I would hate for you to give up your embryos for adoption only to need them again later. The cost of freezing would be much less than the cost of another cycle.

Wishing you nothing but success with your cycle.


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Wed, 01-17-2007 - 8:22am
Hi, my husband and I would love to be able to do this.. we are just looking into doing this too, and recieving an embryo. I have had children in the past, and now happily remarried, and ready to try to have a baby by this method. We have gone to the Dr. that we are considering to help us form our family. we would be open to talking about doing this.. thanks for the possible opp. to actually be able to have a baby. love the greys!
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Sun, 01-21-2007 - 12:16am

I just found this board and I'm lurking as my DH and I are currently in the process of donating our 10 frozen embryos.

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