Erin how are you doing?

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Erin how are you doing?
Sun, 12-01-2013 - 9:28pm

Did they up your clomid? When are you trying again?

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Mon, 12-09-2013 - 9:40pm

Things aren't going so great over here....

We tried again last month with the same dose of Clomid.  The nurse said she didn't like to up the meds after the first month.  Had one mature follicle again, took the day off of work, and another BFN.

This month we are upping the meds, so hopefully I'll get two mature follicles to have better chances.  I am going for my ultrasound on the 16th to see how things are going and are trying again.  We ordered three vials of donor sperm, and this is our last shot before we need to restock.  Praying it works this time.

Meanwhile, I get to listen to my fifteen year old stepdaughter tell us stories about her friend (the same age) who is pregnant.  It is so hard to listen to and not ask "WHY!?"  But I feel like I can't tell her to stop telling me stories of things going on in her life.  Trying to stay positive.