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Thu, 06-14-2007 - 6:04pm


had the egg transfer on Monday - day 4 instead of the standard 3 or 5 wth 3 embryos. RE told us we had 3 embroys left - not the best quality. today we were told none made it to blast.

I am so upset and feeling so sad. I had my head around the idea that if this did not end in a pregnancy, then at least I would have one, if not 2, more kicks at the can.

I have no freakn' clue if I am pregnant or not. Won't know until June 25th. I am being stuck in the butt with needles, I have to insert prgesterone cream, two patches stuck to me and two pills a day - all in the HOPES that I MIGHT be pregnant.

I am feeling so upset tonight. and scared. How do you have hope and stay realistic? YOu know, after the news today I cried and cried and cried. I felt so tired. it has been an exhausting journey of surgery, 3 m/c (one at 12 weeks after we told everyone, of course); 2 d & cs and feeling like I am on the fertility conveyer belt at one of the clinics (yup, we are using 2 as Canada has limited resources of anonymous egg donation so 1 here to monitor and 1 in the states where we went for the fresh egg trasnsfer)
there are people dying of cancer and starving the world. so my whining actually makes me feel worse
can someone, anyone give some knowlegable words of encouragement?


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I don't have any knowledge but just empathy

I do know ladies in worse positions than you that now have had 3 ivf's with only 1 embryo ever getting to transfer age, no more money and no more chances left. That one embyro is now a beautiful healthy four year old girl.

I know it seems impossible to keep your hopes up but try. The progestrone can help, your body is a better place to get the embyros to blast than a petri dish. These three DO have a chance!

And there are more options out there...another cycle if you can stand it, embryo adoption is a viable option too. ( Or a shared cycle, different donor, different clinic

We've all been in the terrified shoes you are in now, one way or another. And one way or another it will work!

This road we travel on is full of shattered broken dreams that inbed themselves like broken glass as you walk across with bloody feet.

As time goes on and you pick out each piece of glass, it teaches you things along the way. You will be a better person, mommy, friend and sister to those that need you because of this.

I am sorry I can't offer you more than support...if you ever need to, please email me anytime!

**big hugs**

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I couldn't possibly have worded it any better than Kathleen did.