How long to order donor sperm?

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How long to order donor sperm?
Tue, 10-30-2007 - 8:57pm

I am already stimming for an IUI with injectibles cycle and we just got my DH's strict morphology results back, which are just 3%. He already has low motility, but that had improved a bit recently so we thought IUI would be worthwhile (we tried IVF which failed- I had plenty of eggs, overstimmed). This most recent count was 32 million motile.

Tonight will be my 3rd night of stims. I'm wondering if it is too late to order donor sperm for this cycle. Can anyone tell me how long the whole selection and ordering process took?


- Jenna
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Tue, 10-30-2007 - 9:18pm

The RE that I used just so happen to have donor sperm available on site.

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Wed, 10-31-2007 - 10:44am

Your doctor may already work with a bank and be able to arrange this pretty quickly or you may find a sperm bank nearby and then avoid the added time of mailing paperwork and shipping sperm. Call and ask questions to see if they can work within your time frame.

Online banks usually allow you to browse donor short profiles online as well as download the paperwork to open an account. You'll need to fill out the paperwork, have your doctor sign it (walk it in) and send it in (overnight to save time).

Once paperwork is in, you'll need to order the sperm ASAP. The earlier you place the order, the better. Give them the day you want it shipped (or let them know when you want it to arrive). Individual banks may also allow overnight shipping for an extra charge.

The hardest thing you'll run into with such a quick turnaround is donor availability. Depending on the bank, chances are good that you won't get your first, second or third choice in donors. Selection can go as quickly or fast as you want it to--a lot of banks are online now, so you can browse short profiles or even search by specific criteria. You might do well to ask which donors are available to ship and then choose from those.

Hope this helps!


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Thu, 11-01-2007 - 12:50pm

Please be VERY careful doing IUI with injectibles - 90% of giant pg's come from IUI not IVF

I could order my soldeiers Monday morning and the doctor would receive it Tuesday, but that was after choosing.

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Thu, 11-01-2007 - 6:55pm

Thanks Deb, Sheryl and Kathleen,

Thanks for the info and your responses.

I had a long talk with DH last night and talked to me RE today when I went in for my U/s, and we have a plan.

We are going to go forward with using DH's sperm for this IUI. When I talked to him he just seemed to want to use his own for this one, and we already have a sample frozen to mix with the fresh to increase our chances a bit. I think he wants what may be this one last chance. And I think I want to know we at least gave it a good try before moving on. So we're going forward with this cycle as planned. But as for next steps, if this IUI does not work, we're testing for DNA fragmentation with SCSA diagnostics. This will give us some good information on whether our chances are greatly reduced with IVF/ICSI. If they are, we have decided to go for donor sperm IUI instead of doing ICSI next like we had planned. If the results are OK, we will do ICSI again.

My US only showed one follicle over 10mm, though I have lots of other smaller ones in there, they're just taking their time to plump up on this low dose. My RE raised my stim dose to 150 from 112.5, and we'll see how that goes I next U/S is Sunday, and RE predicts the IUI will be next Thursday or Friday. I have plenty of follicles, but we seem to be having a hard time getting the stimming protocol right so they mature at the same rate. I guess it is always a bit of trial and error. I figure that even though out chances of this working are pretty low, it will help us get the protocol right for whatever step we take next, whether that is donor IUI or ICSI with Dh's sperm.

I looked at some of the sperm sites and possible donor options. I think I am coming to terms with the option. Ideally I had wanted to use DH's sperm, but if sperm problems mean our chances are only 20% or worse with IVF...well we can't afford to do that many cycles and we need to get pg soon. And if DH's problem is genetic, well, I really don't want to pass on IF to our kids. Right now I'm feeling like we have a good plan that we are both OK with.

Kathleen, I am not worried about multiples at this point. I was when we did IVF, we agonized over whether to put in 2 or 3, but after the three early blasts didn't take, and seeing all the others that didn't fertilize or make it to blast, I realize that only a small percentage of eggs/embies have potential to be a baby, especially now that I'm nearing 40. Even assuming we get a lot of eggs my re says our chances of getting pg at all are only 5-7% with this stim cycle. So I'm up for being as aggressive with this as my doc recommends. At one point I was really worried about multiples and having to decide whether to get a reduction, but at this point, I've realized that's a bridge we can cross if and when we get there. I need to concentrate on getting pg at all first. I'd really hate to have to get a reduction, and I don't want a high-risk multiples pregnancy, but I'd much rather be faced with that decision than another BFN, never getting pg and having children at all. I may be less aggressive if we use donor sperm, but with my husband's serious sperm issues and my age, we'd be very lucky if even one healthy sperm can find and fertilize even one good egg.

So that's my update- thanks again for the info!

- Jenna
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Sun, 11-04-2007 - 5:26pm
First of all I just want to say good luck to you and your dh.