How much would you explain to your child?

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How much would you explain to your child?
Tue, 05-21-2013 - 2:48pm

I thought this was an interesting blog article from the Huffington Post.  The author had a child via surrogate, and has always answered her daughter's questions surrounding her origins honesty within her comprehension level.  The problem arose when her daughter began to explain it to other, such as classmates.  Those classmates, in turn, had questions for their own parents that they were expecting: 

The result is some interesting ethical questions: Does a teacher have a right to know how a child was born? Should parents feel obligated to divulge personal information to the school if there is a chance their 6-year-old will provide a tutorial on surrogacy? Should school administrators be brought into the discussion in case other parents complain that their child learned the basics of IVF while sitting on a seesaw? And what if classmates go home asking if they were born the same way? Their parents inherited the conversation simply because their kid played with my kid. Whether or not they used alternative means to create their family, our openness is forcing a discussion they may not yet be prepared to have with their child.

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I think it's shortminded of people to think there is only one way to have a baby, and feel that these subjects shouldn't be so taboo.  What do you think?  Will it change the way you approach this topic with your child?