Minibus...How did it go?

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Minibus...How did it go?
Thu, 03-29-2007 - 9:42pm

Was it what you expected?

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Thu, 03-29-2007 - 10:38pm

Thanks for asking!

Yes, it was what I expected. No big deal, especially considering the IUI/ICSI we had gone through a couple of months ago.

DH was funny, though. The night before, he had asked if I thought they would let him "push the plunger" (for the syringe containing the sperm), as he had read from someone else that did donor insemination that they liked that they were able to do that. So I said "I don't know. You need to ask if they will let you." "Ok", he says.

Now, DH is not the most assertive person in the world.

So we go in today and he asks the nurse "So ... ummmmm... is there anything I can do in this process?" Not being a mind reader, she obviously has no idea what he's asking. She replies "Well, you're here. That's the most important thing." Then a few minutes later she says to me "Well, if you have an orgasm, that will help push the sperm along the tubes." I looked at DH and said "There you go! That's your job!"

Tee hee!