Moving toward DI

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Moving toward DI
Tue, 09-11-2007 - 11:22am

Hi, everyone:

DH was recently diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia -- meaning that he has a chromosomal, incurable disorder that stops sperm production. The urologist wasn't hopeful; he says we can have a testicular biopsy to see the extent of the issue (there may be scant areas of sperm production), but when egg retrieval time comes, they'd have to (YIKES) open up his testicle and examine it under a microscope to find sperm worthy of ICSI. And even then, he's recommending that we have donor sperm as a backup.

I'm in shock and DH is (understandably) going through 18 different emotions at the same time. I want to give him time to come to terms with the idea of using a donor before we move forward. Have any of you gone through this? To be honest, I'm not even sure if I'm asking a question here, just looking for a virtual hug. LOL


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Tue, 09-11-2007 - 4:42pm
Well I just wanted to say, that although my DH does not have that particular disorder, he does have male factor infertility that is fairly severe. He's seen a male fertility doctor for a while now, had varicocele surgery, and his morphology is still zero percent. This was, personally, a huge blow for both of us. It meant that we could not do IUIs, and if we did IVF, we'd need to do ICSI along with it. And to get a better chance of success with IVF, we decided to use donor egg. That is why I'm here now. To be honest, I have considered using a sperm donor as well. There are some couples who do both, in fact, use donor egg and donor sperm. It was personally hard for me to come to terms with giving up my genetics (as I'm sure your DH would feel the same way). It was one of the hardest things in my life, but just the idea now of having a baby is all I care about. I think once he has his child, it won't matter that much anymore. At any rate, I hope they are able to find some sperm when they do the procedure on your DH.
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Tue, 09-11-2007 - 9:07pm

Welcome to our board.

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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 10:12am

Thank you so much! I guess I just need to hear that we can get through this, you know? I know only a couple of other families with fertility issues, but I don't know any other couple going through THIS. I told my mom that we were considering the "low-tech" option of donor insem. at home and she freaked! You would have thought I was proposing creating a baby from a doll (like

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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 10:36am
In our process towards DI, my DH said that he had to go through a grieving process to be able to be ready and ok to go forward with DI.


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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 2:53pm

HI and welcome!
My dh has the exact same thing.

The one thing that did help him in the decision making process was to have the TESE (search and destroy) test done prior to any decision being made.

After the TESE we learned that his azoospermia was so severe that he didn't even make spermocidial cells.

Which is what he needed to hear in order to move into the DI phase.

He also said at the time, having the physical pain of the TESE helped him grieve.

Afterwards we moved onto Diui and now have a beautiful 7 yr old.

The one question we asked ourselves...

IF the urologist IS able to find a viable sperm or spermocidal cell, how do you know you won't be passing on that genetic issue to a child?

Welcome and good luck!

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