New here - anyone doing/did DS?

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New here - anyone doing/did DS?
Fri, 01-26-2007 - 3:35pm

I've read through many of the posts here, and it looks like most of you are dealing with the process of DE. In our case, we have MF, so our only solution is to use DS. We're scheduled to go in for an IUI with the DS next cycle. We just made a final decision on the donor last night, and somehow that made it much more real. It's incredibly hard making such a momentous decision based on so little information - we only had ethnicity, occupation, degree, hair, skin, and eye color. There's so much more to know, that we'll never have the chance to know - but I guess we just have to accept that and move on. I'm happy with the choice.

I've got lots of questions and anxieties, but I'm also very excited and hopeful. Has anyone here dealt with DS issues? It would be really nice to have someone who's gone through it or is currently. We haven't told anyone but our mothers, who are both very supportive and trustworthy, and we don't intend to tell anyone else, ever. Whether to tell the child is still up in the air, but we're leaning towards telling eventually. I just hope we make the right decision - I don't want to keep secrets, but I don't want the child to get hurt either.

Ok, so that's my intro.

Deborah (28) and Ben (35)

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Fri, 01-26-2007 - 8:05pm

It's only in recent months that there haven't been many DS (DIUI) posts.

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