New Here- Using DI

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New Here- Using DI
Sun, 06-27-2010 - 2:31pm

My name is Marquita and I am currently TTC with Donor Sperm. I am a SMBC, and I just completed all of my prenatal & genetic testing a few weeks ago and was given the green light to begin trying! I am going to start actively trying next cycle and I am really excited yet extremely nervous. I am trying again for the 1st time since my daughter passed away at 18 days from Epstein's Anomaly back in 2007.

I am using a known sperm donor from a very unique sperm bank that allows him to play a role similar to the birth mother in an open adoption which is great for me especially being a SMBC so that my child knows where he/she comes from and has a face/name/voice to go along with it. I am looking forward to getting support from fellow TTCers that are on this bumpy ride as well.

While I am posting my initial message, I will say that I am a newbie to forums in general and especially the TTC & Pregnancy Boards. If someone has a link/list of all the acronyms & abbreviations that are used in the boards that would be great so that I am not so lost when I am reading posts lol.

Thanks in advance for all of your support and I am sending babydust to all of the other TTC Mommies to Be :-)

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Sun, 06-27-2010 - 10:11pm

Welcome to our board.

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Hi Marquita!


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