Newbie here. We're *Really* doing it!

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Newbie here. We're *Really* doing it!
Wed, 06-29-2011 - 4:51pm

Hi Ladies,

I am a veteran to the adoption board but a newbie here.

Cheryl, Mom to 3 year old Aeryn via adoption, TTC since 2003 and finally pregnant via Donor Egg!
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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 6:59pm
You have a beautiful little girl!! Just wanted to drop by and wish you lots of luck!! We have a few people going thru cycles now. (Me being one of them.) I know that my transfer is at the end of next week, but there are other ladies that are looking at August transfers, so you should definitely be able to find a cycle buddy or 2!! Good luck!!
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Wed, 06-29-2011 - 8:13pm
What an interesting story, with your dd's bio mom being your donor! That's really neat!

I'm with you, family is way more than dna ... I'm adopted myself, so it was a little easier for me to move to de to conceive dd2, I think.

Good luck and baby dust for your upcoming cycle :)


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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 7:45am
Wow, what an amazing story you have with the biomom!

Glad you could join in and wishing you all the best:) Looking forward to sharing in your journey.
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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 10:53am

Wow what a great story.

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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 10:45pm
Welcome to our board. I think it is very cool using the donor that you are. You have a beautiful daughter!
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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 12:34pm

Thank you all!

Cheryl, Mom to 3 year old Aeryn via adoption, TTC since 2003 and finally pregnant via Donor Egg!
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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 1:21pm
Welcome to the board, Cheryl! That is so great that the birthmom is donating her eggs, it sounds like you have an amazing relationship with her.

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Tue, 07-05-2011 - 12:16pm

Welcome Cheryl -

I love your story - how fantastic that you are able to give DD a biological brother/sister! :) GL to you and we look forward to being here with you during your journey!