Potential first time Donor chosen..:)

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Potential first time Donor chosen..:)
Fri, 06-15-2007 - 9:16am

Hi Girls,

Well, yesterday, was an emotional day for me to say the least.
I went into my RE office and looked over about a zillion donor
applications, and this one young/women kept catching my eye, i kept
going back to her.. I just felt so strong about her.

I got to see an adult and chldhood pic of her and I got to see her
12 month old son. He is precious.

Tell me your thoughts, to me and my re and my nurses, she is already
proven because she has a
precious baby of her own!! My re said they feel proven is the women
has already
had a healthy child or if no children with a donor then she has had
a successful live birth with receipant couple, not just bfp..

Here are her stats, tell me what you think....

She is a first time donor
She is 22 going on 23
She is 5'6 107, my left leg weighs that, lol.
She has brown curly hair, brown eyes,(my dh coloring to tee)
She is a single mother of one precious son
She is a pre-med student and a personal trainer
She is fair skin and is cuban/columbia/all kinds of mix, dh and i
are all kinds of mixed too, lol .

She is going to get her 3-day test done, my dh and i have to go get
our bloodwork up done and the get our phycolgist ovaluation
done,standard i guess with de.

Anyway... Im excited. To me as long as her hormone levels come back
good, she is proven since she has a son.... that is what my re said
is important that her eggs are good enough to produce not just a
bfp, but a live birth... her son is proof.

So i guess i will see how that turns out and then go from there.
If all is ok with her then we will probably cycle in august...

Im so glad that i found this board to share this jorney with.


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Fri, 06-15-2007 - 5:28pm
Congratulations! Please keep us posted as you progress.


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Sat, 06-16-2007 - 9:54pm
You sound so excited in your post.