Question for all DE recipients

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Question for all DE recipients
Wed, 01-03-2007 - 1:48pm

Hi my name is Trudy.


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Wed, 01-03-2007 - 9:26pm

Welcome to our board. Fisrt of all, I want to tell you I am so sorry for your losses. I had 2 m/c before I finally had a baby. It is one of the hardest things I have ever bene thru. Please do not feel like a failure bcause your body doesn't do what it supossed to do. I don't know much about the fsh except the higher it is the worse it is. But, it is differsnt at different stages of your cycle. Was it tested at the same time of your cycle each time?

Good luck to you.

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Wed, 01-03-2007 - 10:06pm


First off, I am sorry to hear about your high FSH level. This infertility roller coaster can be a killer sometimes.

My husband and I made the decision to use DE after much consideration. At nearly 41 we tried IVF for the first time but were unsuccessful. We have just started our DE cycle where we will have transfer around the 20th of February. I will be 42 this month.

We chose DE because of the higher percentage of success. In my first cycle of IVF I responded well and had 50% fertilization however because the eggs were old, they just stopped growing. My RE feels that I have close to an 80% success rate using a 24 year olds eggs. Since we are paying for this 100% we wanted the greatest chances we could get. This will be our last attempt, we will be bone dry financially after this. We felt that since I could carry the baby I had 100% control over the development however with adoption you don't have that. We also have a 2.5 yo DS and I loved being pregnant so I wanted another chance. It would be my husbands genetics however I would get to give the baby 'life' so we chose this option.

Our RE recommended 2 donor agencies to us. We contacted both for information and even reviewed donors from both. One was less expensive however we chose a donor from the other agency based on her success in other cycles for other recipients. Again, I wanted some proof that the donor could provide eggs for us since this is our only chance left. You may google donor eggs and probably find an agency in your area, however I would think your RE would be the best one to recommend an agency or donor to you. My RE actually had a book on file of donors be we went soley through the agencies so I could get all the up to date info. We got to see a pictuer of the donor as well as get information on her medical background and that of her family as well.

I hope this gives you some much needed information to help ease your soul. My DH wasn't crazy about the idea at first but after discussion he liked this idea better than adoption where he felt there was no control on our end. The only thing is with adoption you are gauranteed a baby at some point, and with DE IVF there are still no guarantys.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to try and answer them. Good Luck!


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Thu, 01-04-2007 - 9:34am

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. You have come to a good place because you are not alone. I had 4 m/c in 2 years before we decided to go the DE route. I have a balanced translocation with my chromosomes so each time I get pregnant, there is only a 20% chance that the fetus will survive. Pretty grim. I was fortunate in that my RE was a one stop shop. The good and/or bad part (depending on how you look at it) is that she matched you with a donor based on blood type and physical traits. The only thing I know about the donor is her eye/hair color, weight and blood type. However, the most important thing I think to make sure about is their screening process. There are strict guidelines that must be followed in screening potential donor's. I would assume that any agency you would work with would meet all of these guidelines- however, if you decide to go with a "known" donor, this screening process might not be in place.

We had decided to go with adoption and were in the process, then I got pregnant again and lost that baby at 10 weeks. After that m/c, I really wanted to be "pregnant" again. ( I have a 3 1/2 year old biological son....odds were on my side in that pregnancy). My DH was very understanding and supportive. The good thing is that it will be his genetics and as someone already said, I am giving this child life. I am now 23 weeks pregnant (we were fortunate enough to get pregnant on our first round). We still have not ruled out adoption for future options, but we also now have 11 fertilized embryo's waiting for us.

For those people that have never had to deal with infertility issues, it might be a hard concept to get your arms around. For those of us that have had a long, emotional and draining road, it's the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope you find the answers that you are looking for. Good luck!!


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Thu, 01-04-2007 - 6:54pm

hi, sweetie!

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Fri, 01-05-2007 - 7:15pm

Hi Jeri-lynn,

I have seen your posts before and I think you even gave me some advice, I am currently reading the Infertility Cure.

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Sun, 01-07-2007 - 11:04pm

hi there,

i am always so happy to hear about anyone reading randine's book!

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Mon, 01-08-2007 - 5:17pm

Hi Trudy,

I don't know what your latest is, but it looks like I may be jumping back and forth a little between this board that the IVF board.

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Sat, 01-13-2007 - 4:36pm

Hi Trudy :)

Sorry, no advice on FSH as we did DI here and didn't really have issues on my side (not hormonally anyway..), just wanted to offer you some (((((hugs))))) Infertility is tough, hope it works out soon for you xx



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Mon, 01-15-2007 - 4:04pm
FSH levels can fluctuate from one month to the next. I had an FSH of 1.9 one month, the previous month it had been 10.
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Wed, 01-17-2007 - 2:19pm

Hi Jeri-lynn,

First of all I want to say sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I have been so busy at work and then at night I don't have the energy to get on the computer.

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