Questions regarding DI/IUI/PG, etc.

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Questions regarding DI/IUI/PG, etc.
Tue, 06-20-2006 - 3:59pm

If you are considering DI, have questions about IUI, or are currently PG and have questions about things you're going thru, please post them here.

We have a number of experienced posters who I'm sure can answer your question(s).


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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 6:35pm
How do you know what sperm bank to chose and if it is credible does someone at the bank show you the statistics or are you supposed to get that info on your own. Very confusing we are still not sure if this is something that we will have to do but i want to research all of our options.
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Sat, 09-23-2006 - 9:51pm

You can actually find a lot of info on the cdc's website, not just for donor banks but also for the fertility clinics you might want to choose.

I chose Fairfax because they had a larger pool to choose from, and we wanted to match my DH as close as possible. Being 6'6" and 300lbs wasn't an easy match...LOL

At one point we tried Calif Cryo, but their sample was the only one that failed the thaw test and we got our money back.

For me, picking the donor was the easy part....getting to the acceptance of doing donor was the hard part. There are so many are in a relationship in which neither partner produces sperm, your DH/SO doesn't produce sperm or you are a woman who is tired of waiting for Mr Right.

I looked at donor sperm a lot like adoption, just at an earrlier stage with less risks.


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Mon, 10-23-2006 - 5:34pm

I checked into several banks on my own through the internet. When we got to the point in our process to actually select a donor, the clinic we use gave us a list of the only banks that they work with. The banks on the list were banks my clinic had good success rates with (from ordering ease to great samples).

Then you just figure out your most important donor issues and pick accordingly. When we went for iui, the lab tech said our frozen sample was great statistically (fingers crossed).