Side-effect of eggs donation???

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Side-effect of eggs donation???
Mon, 06-11-2007 - 11:13pm
I have donated my eggs, however nobody in fertility clinic didn't want to tell me anything about side-effects of eggs donation. They said it's safe for me, and is not going to affect my future pregnancy. I'm willing to do that again, the money they offer for doing it is pretty good; therefore I'm wondering if what they say is true or there are some hiden side-effect that I'm going to "pay" in a future. Please help me with the issue!!!
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Tue, 06-12-2007 - 12:03am

Here's a page on potential risks. Pretty much it's no different than someone going though IVF, except without the risks of implantation and pregnancy.

- Jenna
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Wed, 06-13-2007 - 12:06am
The only thing that I know of is that the meds that they use can cause a higher risk of cancer but, I don;t know of it affecting future pregnancies.
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Wed, 06-20-2007 - 3:12pm
Personally, I don't think taking stim drugs has any negative effect on future fertility. If I had thought that, I would never have done IVF and taken any of those drugs.