For those who aren't planning to tell

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For those who aren't planning to tell
Wed, 09-05-2007 - 12:57am
A follow up to the poll - how will you explain things like blood type incompatibility? (I remember doing blood typing in 9th grade science class...)
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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 3:43am

Well, if not telling is the route one chooses to take...

Traditionally, parents of donor children who wish to get through a high school blood type test (or blood donation) would choose a donor who will produce a child with a blood type that might result if both Mom and Dad were genetic parents. Many banks have charts and calculators that allow prospective clients to figure out which blood types will achieve this. One of the simplest ways is to match the blood types.

The hard part is not knowing what other types of tests might be available down the road. Some tests may allow for more specific genetic testing--who knows what might go on in high school science class or college when these kids are that age.

Of interesting note:
Modern day genetic testing has actually revealed that not all recessive/dominant traits work quite the way they used to think they did.
For a long time it was believed that two blue-eyed parents could never produce a non-blue-eyed child since blue eyes are recessive. But modern day genetic testing has demonstrated that there are some interesting exceptions to this.


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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 1:04pm
Many women look for donors with compatible blood types, if they are planning to not tell. As for me, I simply looked for someone with similar coloring and features to mine. I don't pay much attention to blood types, I don't even know what my parents' blood types are.
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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 1:05pm

Exactly. I figure that even if I'm not telling, my child may find out some day anyway. So I just decided to forget about matching blood types

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Sun, 09-09-2007 - 12:02am

It just so happens that my donor is my blood type and my wouldn't surprise me if somehow we are very distantly related. She looks exactly like my sister when she was a kid and her parents are from the same village in Romania that my grandmother was from. All I can say is that it is by God's hand that we found her.

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Mon, 09-10-2007 - 9:35pm
I think it's taking a risk NOT to tell the child. He or she will most likely find out eventually, and wonder why the news was withheld. Best to let the kid know as soon as possible, IMHO. Then, it's no big deal.