Timing Off But Keeping Fingers Crossed

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Timing Off But Keeping Fingers Crossed
Thu, 02-14-2008 - 8:48am
OK So I promised I wouldn't obsess, but that's just not my style:) Anyway, had my #3 D/IUI Tuesday morning after I got a peak reading on my monitor. Then, I continued to test with OPK's and continued to get a surge up until last night! BUMMER:( So, my temp went up this morning which confirms ovulation yesterday or last night. So the timing could have been better if you ask me but that's what I get for being SOOOO impatient!! So I searched charts of women with BFP's with D/IUI 1 day before ovulation and I found a few so I guess that's encouraging:) I just know that I will get my BFP this cycle as I would be due around deer season and DH will never be around. LOL We live in Northern Michigan where they feel that the slaughter of innocent animals is so important that the kids get the day off from school on opening day!! IS THAT NOT THE DUMBEST THING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OF??????? Anyway, DH has already told me that if we are pregnant that I BETTER have the baby before Nov 15th:) So, knowing my luck, this cycle is the winner!! And, if I don't get my BFP, I have the HSG to look forward to:) YAY!!! Dr. even said she will code it so my insurance will pay for it. So now I am in the dreaded 2WW and I AM NOT GOING TO TEST UNTIL THE 26TH!!


D/IUI #1-7 = BFN, D/IUI #8  10-14-08 = BFN

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Thu, 02-14-2008 - 11:39am
Hi Denise,
Good luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. DH and I just went in for our first IUI this morning. We are praying for a Valentine's Day baby. I realize the odds are against us, but you never know, right?! I am with you - go with the power of positive thinking. My 2ww nearly matches yours. I will be testing on the 28th. Do you ever test early, or is that just playing too many games with yourself? I am thinking ahead to how I KNOW I will feel into the "5-day countdown" till the 28th. Happy Valentine's Day! --Tracy
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Fri, 02-15-2008 - 2:30am

Whoo hoo! and good luck!

I hated temping and was horrible at it...but especially after o'ing...it made everything worse for me.

Now - 7 days post IUI you troop off down and get your prog levels checked, k? promise??????

That will also confirm ovulation...now promise!!!!!


DH is/was into hunting, Washington has a lot of deer too I guess. He went once but couldn't pull the trigger. Our old Alaskan Malamute was "married" and the man that owned him hunted Moose and Elk but with a bow/arrow. I thought that was pretty cool! And he trained the Mal to pull and would take him with him to pull the moose to the truck!

How cool is that?

And yes - some dog's DO get married! These two REALLY did, they fell totally in love. He actually cracked one of my trucks windows when we went to visit just to get to her.

I am the ONLY person I know who did IUI's the same cycle her DOG did!

She had two failed cycles before we gave up on her....lol

Here's a picture of them...her name was Shasta and his was Yukon. She is the little one.

And then her's a picture of Shasta when Danny was 2...

She was VERY little compared to Yukon...she weighed 130lbs and could stand and put her front paws on DH's shoulders. DH is 6'6"

(Did I distract you any????LOL)

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