Update of embryo transfer

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Update of embryo transfer
Tue, 11-28-2006 - 12:10am


Everything went well on Friday. There were 6 embryos, the doctor transferred two, one fully blasted and the other right behind it. They weren't sure if any of the remaining 4 were 'freezable. Found out this morning (Monday) that two were in good condition and as my doctor put it, are in the freezer.

The night before I was told to drink 32 oz of water in order to have a full bladder and to take my ibuprofen before we came in. When I arrived the nurse told me to take my valium as well. My doctor didn't give me valium. I asked the nurse why I would need it and she said it would relax my uterus and relax me. She offered one and I took it. Hey, someone is gonna offer me a valium, I'm gonna take it!

The doctor showed me a picture of the embryos and then I watched her transfer them on the ultra sound screen. It was all very quick. Then I had to stay on my back for 30 minutes. I had to pee so badly that even though I only had 10 minutes until I could get up to use the bathroom I opted to use a bedpan, must have been the valium. First time I ever peed lying down! By the time I finished I was allowed to get up, oh well. I was feeling real good when they wheeled me out to the car in a wheelchair, I don't even remember the drive home!

I was sentenced to 48 hours of bed rest, starting when we got home at 9am that Friday morning. My parents took my DS home with them Thursday night so it was nice not having to feel guilty about staying in bed. About 4am Saturday morning I woke up nauseous and vomited, then had violent diarrhea. The paperwork from the ART Center said to call my doctor if I had any of a list of symptons, including vomiting and diarrhea. I felt too embarrassed to call. I thought it could be the Chinese food I ate around 5pm on Friday, although DH was fine. By 11am I felt so horrible, stopped vomiting but still had bad diarrhea, that I finally called the doctor on her cell phone. She was unimpressed with my symptoms and said it sounded like I had caught a bug. I told her I was calling because the paperwork told me to, I got the vibe that she didn't feel there was any reason to call. By that evening I had a fever of 101.8 and took Tylenol. On Sunday morning I felt much better, a little week but not sick. Maybe I had a 24 hour bug, maybe it was the food?

So, today I feel fine and went to work. Now I have to wait until December 8th to get my blood drawn for a pregnancy test. The waiting is the hardest part! Oh, and I'm pretty sure I saw the other recipient couple! They came in right behind us and they fit the description that the nurse gave us when she told us that another couple was looking to share a donor. I just glanced at the woman's face, didn't want to stare her down. She looked very anxious and a little scared. They totally resembled my DH and myself! She was light in coloring, he was dark, and they had a DS with them (which according to the nurse they had 'naturally'...). I really hope this works out for them.

Okay, gotta go and get DS to bed, it's past bedtime for both of us.


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Fri, 12-01-2006 - 1:19am

that is so exciting!

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Tue, 11-28-2006 - 10:32am

Hi TP!
Congratulations on the transfer. That's excellent that they were able to transfer 2 embryos. Waiting is definitely the hardest part....that 10 days is brutal. Just remember to take it easy and don't over do it. Hard when chasing around a little one but let your DH take care of everything that he can!! I'll be thinking of you and hoping that it all works out. I have been there and know how bad that you want this....the best of luck!!