We are adopting/fostering....

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We are adopting/fostering....
Mon, 04-30-2007 - 9:03pm

I know...I am bad...

but we are adopting/fostering....


We get them on Thursday...a bonded pair that has been in a kennel WAY too long!

Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi...I say Tan on the debate board and realized I hadn't been in to say Hi in forever!

For those that don't know me, my DH is azoospermic and we did a total of 19 dIUI's and are blessed with one wonderful son. We did 11 for him and then 8 more for #2 before retiring.

It is a very VERY hard road, this ttc road we are on...but in the long run (and sometimes it IS very long) it makes us better parents, friends, people in general.

I think I really wouldn't be the parent I am today - and the advocate for children - if I'd just gotten "knocked up" like I wanted to at 19.

All the crazy clomid cycles, stupid OPK's, even evil-er HPT's is TOTALLY worth it...honest!


I'll attach a picture of the new "kids"...Blizzard is on the left, he's about 110lbs and Sitka is around 95lbs.

Big hugs and tons of luck to everyone!

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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 5:20am
Awww, very cute :)

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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 10:51am
They are huge and cute and furrrrrry!


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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 7:01pm

Hi there!



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Tue, 05-01-2007 - 8:22pm

Awww poor lil girl!

Several pieces of advice from a BTDT mom who's son now has perm hearing problems

Monitor her incoming teeth to EI...keep a chart

Benedryl CAN help a bit

Tynelol and Advil can be given at the same time, roughly...advil at 12:00, tyelonol at 2pm...then follow directions.

The Green baby soap with the vick's in it DOES work as well as the vapo-steamers

They make sticky vapo-rubs like stickers for their chests...its too strong for an infants skin, but you can put it on her onsie at night.

Lift the head of her bed up a bit to help with the draining

Two or more EI's within 90 days? DEMAND an appt with a specialist. Danny lived in agony for almost 6 months, on meds ALL the time until I threw a fit.

He got tubes and was 100% better!

I am so excited for the doggies...I want them NOW, I hate the idea of them being in a kennel! They don't even have a blankie or a toy!

I'll let you know how it goes...Danny is beyond excited, he really misses our old girl and he is VERY compassionate guy.

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Mon, 05-14-2007 - 3:33pm
I love Malamutes. They are drop-dead gorgeous dogs, with their white/or silver fur and penetrating blue eyes. I'd love to own one someday myself.
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Mon, 05-14-2007 - 4:26pm


And not to be a stickler...Mals will NEVER have Blue eyes...Siberian Huskies have blue eyes


And there is really a huge difference...

Huskies were bred/designed for speed...they pulled the sleds that needed to go fast.