what to do with embryos

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what to do with embryos
Wed, 10-28-2009 - 11:06pm
I was wondering what anyone has decided about what to do with their left over embryos. DH and I have 4 embryos that are frozen and are being stored until June of next year. We would like to try again but haven't made up our mind completely(financially, emotionally, physically, etc).I'll be 40 soon and I feel like I have this narrow window of opportunity. I'm ok with having only one child but was wondering if I might look back on it later and regret not having tried to have another child. Anyways, does anyone know if I could donate these embryos if I chose to not have another child? This is such a difficult decision but I definitely do not want to discard these embryos.
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Mon, 11-09-2009 - 10:28am

I will be having my first child at 45 after 6 years of trying. We have two frozen embryos and I don't feel like my window of opportunity is closing due to my age. We will however, try within 6-12 months of this baby being born because we always wanted a large family. We want our child and siblings to be close in age so we'll try sooner than later. If they do not work, we will consider adoption to grow our family. I don't consider my age is going to make me less of a mother. I think my age will make me MORE of a mother. My husband was 40 and I was 38 when we got married---both of us for the first time. We just needed to find each other which took a while as we dated others in life. It's not the way I dreamt it would be growing up---I thought I'd be married by 25 w/ 4 kids---and I could have been and it would have been the wrong person. It's OK though because I have an awesome husband and we'll grow old together with our children as our top priority. Age is a number-----have your baby when YOU want to or when God blesses you with it---as was our case---- forget about what other people or society says. People are shocked when I tell them I'm 45 because I look and act like I'm 30. I'm hoping to continue to live a long healthy life but if I do not, my child will know that they were wanted and loved and we worked really hard to get this baby here with us......

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Sun, 11-08-2009 - 8:38pm

I had my first child via IVF at age 45. Out of three embryos, we transferred one and froze the other two. For the first few months after my daughter's birth, I truly felt my family was complete. I even told my husband my child-bearing days were over, and that we could go ahead and donate the remaining embryos. We never did, and now that my little sweetie is 16 months old, and I'm no longer quite so exhausted and hormonal, I think I'm rarin' to try for #2, even at the ripe old age of 47.

I guess my point is two-fold: a) Don't commit to any course of action in the first few months after your baby (babies) is/are born, and b) Don't succumb to negative "narrow window of opportunity" thinking that may force you into making a decision that's not right for you. Forty is not too old to have kids. :-)


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Fri, 11-06-2009 - 10:39pm

My guess is that you have already had your baby?

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Thu, 10-29-2009 - 11:22am

I'm a little confused by your signature but looks like you just had a baby?? If so, it's probably overwhelming now thinking about having another child so you might want to think about it after time has passed. You might decide then that you want to try again and it's probably a small price to pay to have them stored because if you decide to not use them you can still donate them and give someone a wonderful gift. Talk to your RE to understand all your options.

Good luck!

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Thu, 10-29-2009 - 7:57am

Hi there:

You can donate them to either of two Donor embryo programs. The National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) or a program like Snoflakes will take them.

Good luck to you!


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