16 or 18 DPO?

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16 or 18 DPO?
Sun, 07-11-2010 - 3:38pm

Hello, I haven't posted here in awhile & I know it's not a very busy board. But for those of you that are here would you please check out my chart? I'm either 16 or 18 DPO with my last BFN on 14 (or 16) DPO with a $tree test & diulted nighttime urine. No big signs of AF being on her way yet. Slight lower back ache but nothing else when usually I'm tired, crabby, bloated, and have much worse discomfort in my lower abdomen & back.

Back story: Got pregnant the first try with both of my sons who are now almost 7 & 10 and with my 3rd pregnancy that I lost early around 5-6 weeks. My first 2 were with my ex husband and 3rd was with my new husband. M/C was over 2 years ago and we tried for 17 months before finding out I was hypothryoid. Been treating it since May and at my check a month ago my TSH was .18 which is low, but close. I go next week for another check. While charting with a whacky thyroid I still seemed to O and had 12, 12, 14 and 14 day LPs.


1. When do you think I O'd?

2. Is it possible a longer LP is normal for me but it was just off when my thyroid was off?

3. Is it OK to have a longer LP like this?

4. If BFN later today, how long should I wait to call the doc? Note that my OB has NO clue whatsoever about charting, is so pro OPK that if you aren't using them, to them you aren't really trying, and they handled my M/C very badly. I'll be changing docs when PG or if I have to go back in for infertility in a month or two.

Also about OPKs, I had all - tests this cycle but took them out so as to not confuse FF. But I have a very small window to get a + in. For example last cycle I had a - in the AM, + at 11:45 that night, and a - again the next morning. I didn't test at night this month so no +. =/

TIA for any help or response :)


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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 10:10pm

I'm sorry, I see AF found you :-(