Are you trying to be healthier?

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Are you trying to be healthier?
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 1:56pm

There has been a lot in the news lately about the effects of chemicals on women's fertility, here is one from USA Today: 

Couples with high levels of certain chemicals in their bodies took about 20% longer to conceive compared with those with lower exposures, says the study from the National Institutes of Health.

That type of delay is similar to the effects of other factors known to reduce fertility, such as smoking, obesity and older age, according to the findings, published today in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Have you tried to decrease your exposure to chemicals be eating more whole foods, switching to organic, etc.?

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Sat, 01-26-2013 - 3:06am

I suppose that I had planning in mind besides just trying to help myself with my abnormal bleeding problem when I decided to get off a lot of the medications I was taking. I was on Cymbalta, a Mirena, then a Nuva Ring, and Metformin trying to get my bleeding under control. I got off of all of them by July 2012.

Amazingly, after getting off all of those medications I began to have seemingly normal cycles about 4 months after getting off of the Nuva Ring and Cymbalt as well as the Metformin and hadn't had the Mirena for 6 months. Also, I experienced weight loss of about 50 lbs from then until December 2012. The inches seemed to melt off of me. It was amazing. But, I also began to experience real PMS symptoms by November 2012 which I hadn't had since I was 17-18. I had been on almost constant birth control forms from 17 until last summer 2012 other than the two previous pregnancies. Doctors had me do the patch, the shot, mirena, taking multiple pills all at once, etc. It all started with the Norplant which was implanted at 17. That is also when I began bleeding and they took it out. But I continued to bleed all these years and they tried every birth control known to stop it. 

Now, it has stopped and I'm acting normal for the first time! So, I decided to actually try to get pregnant by charting and family planning.  I began by eating healthier-more leafy greens, less processed stuff, and going to my doctors regularly and getting all shots and tests done that I need and I intend to keep doing that. 

I also am still off all of my medication *my doctors have monitored me* and am using skills to regulate my emotions when I have PMS and other instances. I am using my diet and exercise to keep me loosing weight and I'm actually gaining muscle. I will continue to eat a healthy diet and if the weight keeps coming off great. I am also going to be adding vitamins to my regimen very soon. I have begun trying new recipes and new varieties of vegetables and healthy leaner meats.  I have begun researching products that are cruelty free as well as natural and recipes for homemade personal care items. I am trying to eat cleaner and take care of my body more properly. Not just in preparation for trying to become pregnant, but also just because I need to love my body and take care of it. It is a temple and it should be treated as such.