***CL Hat*** Welcome to the "new" board!

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***CL Hat*** Welcome to the "new" board!
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:05pm
Come on in, grab a hot cuppa...tea, coffee or hot chocolate...kick off your shoes, put on your slippers and put your feet up, and start exploring the new format! Please, don't let change scare you off. If you tried out the demo board, it was very busy because lots of people were trying it...and the busy-ness made it seem possibly more confusing. It's not, once you get used to it. My recommendations are that you click on "outline view" because then you can see all the messages and replies, at least for starters. The more you play, the more comfortable it will become, ok?

Oh, and don't forget to update your profile...they are much better than the old ones :-) Sue

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