Do you think I O'd?

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Do you think I O'd?
Tue, 03-16-2010 - 2:10am

Hi Ladies!

I'm normally on the TTC board, but thought you might be able to give me some insight. I'm trying to find out if I O'd yet this month. On CD14 I had O pain, lots of EWCM, and my cervix was HSO. I don't use OPKs as I've never had luck ever getting a true +. FF is giving me CH for CD14.

Alas, here I sit at 19dpo with no BFP. Did I O later than CD14? Did I O at all? Based upon my temps, what do you think? I am very strict with taking my temps at the same time every day, so I know that's the problem. The only temp that is 'off' is this morning's because I slept with my mouth WIDE open lol. I made sure to 'discard' the temp, though.

Overall, though, I just FEEL pregnant. I can feel my belly tightening and lots of twinges. My BBs were too sore to wear a bra today (don't worry--I didn't leave the house like that lol). I've had many hours of nausea, extreme hunger, heartburn, and a very stuffy nose (thus the mouth open last night).

I've been testing with $store tests--I've always heard they were reliable. I never used them last time I was ttc, so maybe they aren't as good as I hear? Should I try another test?

My history: TTC #1 for 22 cycles. Have PCOS, not bad though. I've had PERFECT cycles since ttc #3. My twin girls passed away from a disease prone to identical twins (TTTS), not because of fertility issues. I've sometimes O'd late when I've had super stressful cycles, or when I get a cyst. But even then I can see it in my chart. My previous charting was all on paper (I had an old school OBGYN then and that's all I knew), otherwise I'd show those yto you to compare. But nothing that's ever looked like this stinkin' chart.

No sign of AF as of late. I just hope that if she's coming that she will show ASAP so I can move on!

Thanks in advance for all the help!!

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Wed, 03-17-2010 - 9:57pm

Hmmmm...well, it does look like you could have O'd on do have 4 days of higher temps, tho they're not technically the ".2 above the previous 6" to confirm O.