fertility monitor question

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fertility monitor question
Sat, 08-21-2010 - 12:58pm
Aparently my icon_egg.gif has gone MIA this month. Here is my question, is it true that the clearblue fertility monitor only lets you test for 20 sticks? If that were true, I would only have 5 more days to get a report from the monitor.. so what do I do if I STILL dont get a high or peak reading after these 5 days? Hello I thought the idea was to tell someone when the high and peak fertile days were.. not everyone has a perfect 28 day cycle..
If this is true, what do I do AFTER the 20 sticks are up and the monitor never says high? Am I just out this month just because the machines memory isnt big enough? AAHHH
FF confirms that I have not Od yet and I would hate to waste a month (or many) icon_cry.gif
Thanks for the help!


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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 1:17pm

Hmmmm...see, I know nothing about fertility monitors, so I wouldn't have known that it only lets you test for 20 days a cycle.

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Tue, 09-07-2010 - 12:04am

Hi, I was actually just lurking on this board and came across your question.



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Wed, 09-08-2010 - 8:15pm
I see that this post was from August I was just wondering if you CBEFM ever gave you a high or peak?I'm on CD 14 and have been testing with the CBEFM for 7 days and they have all been low. This is my third month. I was predicting O around the 8th or 9th I only use CBEFM as my O predictor as it helped me get my BFP with my second. Thanks so much
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