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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 1:14pm

My husband and I are trying, and for the first two months we just used a calendar - so this month I decided to chart my temperatures - I went to meijer and got a basal thermometer. Just a cheap model, didn't need anything fancy. I've been charting this whole month, and then two days ago, the temperature seemed low. so i tested it again, and it was way different! (96.6, and 97.1). I tested a third time, and got 97.1 again, so I used that. Thinking maybe the first temperature I took was wrong in some way, and I would just take my temperature 3 times, and figure out which one repeated.

This morning though, I had to take it four times and none of them were the same! (96.6, 97.2, 97.1, 96.8) - obviously this thermometer isn't working, and i just feel frustrated to have spent all this time the past month waking up, taking my temperature, and then none of it is even useful!

I think i probably just need to vent - and go buy a new thermometer. (well, i'll wait till the end of this cycle - i guess with some luck i wont need a new one).

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Fri, 01-16-2009 - 9:23pm
I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated with this cycle/your thermometer.