Helps....Pos opk after O?

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Helps....Pos opk after O?
Sat, 08-08-2009 - 8:25pm

Do you think I already o'd or could I be oing now. FF says I am 9dpo,but a few mins ago I just out of the blue decided to poas on my last opk stick (answers brand) And got

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Mon, 08-10-2009 - 12:24pm

All the signs point toward cd12 being correct. Maybe it's this?


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Wed, 08-12-2009 - 8:10am

I have to agree....upon reading your post I thought she could be PG.

I say this because when we were ttc our last child we had a failed IF medicated cycle. So a few months later I started testing with OPK's to see when we could try naturally. Every test I took came out positive, a STRONG positive....for something like 6-7 days. I couldn't figure it out until a friend from the PCOS board mentioned how OPk's and show positive when you're pg.

I took a PG test...3 actually! And they were all positive. Turns out we were

I see a significant dip in your chart, some can show implantation dips by BBT's, but normally that is 7-10dpo.... I would say wait a few more days, then test if no period. Remember to test with your FMU. Prayers to you !!!

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